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Natural Mulberry 100% Silk Occasional Maxi Hijab | Moonstone Silver

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These Scarves are Charmeuse Silk (Made from Pure Mulberry Silk) meaning the fibres are weaved together in a way that creates the front side with a shinier silk finish and the back with a slightly dullish finish. 

Mulberry Silk is unique in the sense that it is 100% natural, odour-less and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein, Sericin, that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. This Scarf is a perfect choice for those prone to allergic reactions as well as us all because it 

- Contains Strong Natural Fibres

- Keeps Hair Healthy

- is one of the most Luxurious Silks in the World

Available in over 10 Colours

Approximately  100cm x 180cm

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